Thursday, March 1, 2012

of seeds and chickens

I've been away.  Far, far away.  From an easy life.

There have been a ton of things go wrong in my life lately.  My best friend's mother passed away.  She was way too young.  We are way to young to experience this.

But, it gave her an excuse to come back home for a week.  She and her family stayed with us.  Her boys are just older than my girls, and they had a blast together.  I wish it were easier to travel long distances faster.

My inlaws are getting ready to be between jobs soon, and they came for a week to work on their house.  They brought my sister in law and her family.  It was wonderful to have them here to visit, they haven't been here since our wedding.

After those two weeks, we needed a vacation.  So, we packed the girls up, drove to Williamsburg, and got the stomach bug.  For the whole time.  Plus, 2 ear infections, 1 sinus infection and another unknown infection.  Came back home and uncovered a UTI also.  Ugh.

But, today, it was a beautiful day.  The sun was out.  The weather was warm.

I started a flat of seeds today.  I plan to hold back on my planting this year, only a couple of each variety.  So, that means only 9 tomatoes, 9 peppers, 3 lavenders, etc.  I am being much more intentional about my garden.  Yay!

The chickens were happy today.  Brady is getting ready to move out - the upcoming Spring is making him very mean.  And, I discovered 2 cracked eggs in the nest boxes.  I hope it's because of the curious new leghorn who laid her first egg today getting nosy, not because I have an egg eater.

Sorry I've been gone.  I promise a few recipes soon, I'm working on some now.

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