About Me

I'm the wife of a worship pastor, my college sweetheart.   He is amazing.

I went through five years of infertility and cancer treatment before I became a mom.  The pain of infertility is something I carry with me daily.

Now, I am the mommy of three creative girls.  They amaze us daily with how smart they are.  My girls love to color, bake, watch tv and sing.  We live super close to the beach and love spending our days playing in the waves.

I'm also a small time farmer.  We purchased 10 acres when we lived in Ohio and I had grand plans to sell my heirloom and rare veggies at the farmer's market.  We had to sell our land, and move away from Ohio, but I am planning to grow my garden on a smaller scale this year.

I love to write about too many things, baking, cooking, crafting and farming.

Follow me as I venture into 2011's spring season as a busy mom!