Sunday, February 28, 2010

A short baby update

Since I should be blogging daily, and since I can't figure out the picture thing, I took a new baby picture with the Mac.  It's good for something, at least.
I am wearing a belt with my too big jeans, so I look like I'm really thick waisted.  I hope that's not true, but I think it may be.  Here's how big she is at 15 weeks...

And a fun one...

I am going to my new doctor tomorrow.  I had quite a time making an appointment with them - it took me about 5 weeks due to the strange lady who answered the phone.  I think she was trying her best to not allow any new patients.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Grr on my Mac

My sister got on me about not blogging recently.  So, here you go.  Want to know the main reason why I haven't been?  No, it's not because I just moved across 3 states.  It's not because my husband has spent the week in California.  It's not because I've been busy unpacking.

It's because I can't figure out how to get my pictures on my MacBook.  I put the Nikon Transfer and ViewNX on my computer.  I put the card into the slot.  It found the pictures and said it transfered them.  Then, it shut down.  And, no matter how many times I open it, it shuts down.  Again and again.

Why is this so especially frustrating?  Well, I would really like to edit my pictures on my new computer.  It's one of the reasons why I got it.  And, I got a special V-day gift of photoshop.  I would love to learn how to use it!  If only I could get some pictures to try it on :(

So, we moved to Maryland.  We rented a 26' truck and filled it.  So, we rented another 26' truck and filled it too.  So, we left the rest of our stuff and my car, and Troy has to go pick it up soon.  I don't ever want to have to drive a 26' truck again.  Especially through a snowstorm and icy mountains.  But, I'm glad we're here and that's over with.  I'm glad Troy's home, too.  Our new airport is only about 10 minutes away, it makes it easy for us to get him or drop him off.  It's so small, there really isn't a "get there 2 hours early" rule.  He has flown into it before, but didn't remember.  He was concerned about just "getting to his gate 30 minutes before his flight".  He didn't understand my hilarious laughter until he got there, (although I tried to explain the terminal to him).  There really is just one check-in desk, one "terminal", and one airplane.  Okay, there are probably a few airplanes, but they take off and arrive about 2 hours apart.  Oh, and you walk out on the tarmac and climb steps to get into your plane.

I would sure love to show you pictures, but alas, I am not breaking down and reverting to the Acer to upload my pictures.  I will figure it out.

My family has been entertaining us while Troy was gone.  They have come over for dinner, spent days with us, my mom spent the night with us the night we were supposed to get so much snow.  That was a windy night.  I guess we got gusts of 60 miles an hour.  The corner where my bedroom is seemed to get all the wind, I listened to it for nearly 4 hours that night.  My sisters have been taking us out to stores, fixing our cars, (my brother-in-law), watching the girls.  Yay!

Okay, now I finally get a shower.  Bye.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Nearing the end...

Of our life in Ohio, that is.  We have a 26 foot truck in the driveway that we'll start loading tomorrow.  We're planning on driving out early Wednesday morning.  Hopefully I will feel well for the whole trip.

I am going to miss living here.  Yes, the church elders treated us horribly, I can honestly say this is the worst church experience I've ever had, and believe me, I've had some bad ones.  But, the people in the town have become even nicer to us.  They actually say they expected the church to get rid of us, even though they were hoping things would be different.  It's nice to feel the love and have it reinforced that we are doing the right thing.  I just wish we could take all the people of the church with us, they are wonderful, trusting people.  I hope things work out for them, whatever that may be.

We're also nearing the end of the first trimester!  Tomorrow begins 13 weeks, so yay for 2nd trimester.  Hopefully, I'll keep feeling better and have a sudden recovery.

I'm on my old computer because, although I put the Nikon transfer program on the Mac, I can't get any pictures to transfer.  Grrr....

Here are some pictures of our snowy week...

She made snow angels.  I think they turned out great!
...wishing she were outside too...

Monday, February 8, 2010

Under 200 days!

I usually don't go to my blog page, I just check on my dashboard.  But, I went to my page today to check how many days are left until my due date, (I have a ticker).  It's 195 days!  I am so excited to be under 200.  Plus, I had a feeling good day today.  It's because Troy's out of town.  It seems the last two times he's been gone, I've felt good, so I could take care of the girls.  Maybe it's all in my head.

Here's a picture of the baby belly at 12 weeks, 1 day...

And yes, it's taken with my new Mac!  Yay!!!

Which leads me to another camera question.  What is your favorite editing program?  I could probably buy one, I usually get what I want, ha ha, but I would love to find a free one right now.  And, it has to be great on Macs.

I took some neat pictures of the ice this morning, but they're on my other computer.  I will see if I have enough initiative to grab it and add them.

(I need to work on figuring out how to use my lenses better.)
We had the craziest storm Friday night.  It was so blowy.  We were at a friend's house and had to drive home through it.  We weren't worried since we have a 4 wheel drive truck, but it wasn't really even necessary most of the drive.  It was blowing so bad, it was "white out" conditions.  I have never experienced anything so bad.  A couple of times, we had to stop and figure out exactly where the road was judging by the telephone poles.

Ah, the joy of living in farmland.

Friday, February 5, 2010

My Blogroll

I used to be a good blogger.  I used to blog about my cooking, about my crafts, about our outings...

Now, I blog about, well, not much.

But, I love my blogroll!  I check it multiple times a day to see what my blog friends are up to.  I have so many different ones, real-life friends who love crafting, internet friends who love gardening, real life friends who love the internet, so many different things.  I live viacriously through them!

I have many blogs I follow, but I probably have 5 times as many that I just keep in my favorites.  They probably wish I would follow them, I know I jump for joy when I get a new follower.  But, I'm *shy*.  I feel like I'm intruding in their lives when I follow them. 

Yes, I do have some blogs I follow that I just found through my friend's blogs.  And, I was brave enough to introduce myself and follow them.  But, their blogs are AWESOME!  I am impressed with their lives, beliefs and families.  And, so, I step out and follow them.  And, they're so kind!  I bet if I followed some of my favorite blogs, they would be kind, too.  Maybe I should try...

So, today, I absolutely had to get diapers.  And, because I am boycotting right now, (my diapers were supposed to be delivered on Saturday and arrived the next Tuesday...and yes, I was out.), I had to go to BRU.  And, I need some pants.  Only sweats fit me, and the only pair I own that are presentable have a hole in the bottom.  So, I wanted to hit Old Navy.  And, since it was close to Hobby Lobby, I wanted to buy some spring flowers and barrettes, so I could make clips for my girls.

I made it to all those places, and we even went to our favorite Thai place for lunch - yum!

We're going to a friend's house for dinner tonight.  I'm almost getting back to normal!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

My week in review

And it's only Thursday...

Well, maybe I'll do this in bullet points, Troy loves those.

*I *think* I may be starting to feel better.  I've at least had some energy to pack a bit.  I finally got all of my scrapbook materials packed up.  And, I've only taken 2 Zofran all week.  Yay!

*I made dinner, with vegetables!, and blonde brownies tonight!

*Troy has another trip planned for work.  I hate it when he's gone, but it means more money to put away, and that's a good thing when you've lost your full-time job.  Plus, I think he can make it a day trip - no overnights!

*My girls are playing well together.  They may fight a lot, still, but I think they play nicely at least twice as often as they fight.

*I'm in the market for a new computer.  We currently have an Acer, which we were told would be a good buy, since supposedly they're made by Dell.  Well, after only a year, this runs hot, it's very noisy and the plug socket is wearing out.  And, apparently, computer stores don't weld them, you have to find someone in their garage with a mask and flame to do it.
So, we had said, back when we bought this, that we'd buy a Mac when this died.  Little did we realize that a MacBook Pro, what we would need, is over $2,000!  Please go on sale, soon!

*A good friend brought my family dinner the other night.  They appreciated eating pasta instead of pb&j.  Thank, Kelly!

*Troy is leading worship in a local church this Sunday.  It will be the first time since we left the, well, I'll just call it our old church.  He won't be leading again until he starts at our new church in March.  I will probably miss it, since I tend to hibernate right now, avoiding the embarassment of gagging in front of strangers.

*My family keeps getting snowed in.  I have to laugh at them, but I shouldn't laugh too hard, because fate may reward me by snowing me in the day I move.  That wouldn't be funny.  Especially since we just sold our snowblower.

*I looked at the fabric I have cut out for the nappy bag I need to sew and sell on Etsy.  My poor store is empty.  I really need to sew this bag, I can do it in less than a day.  I'm so lazy.

*I did, however, list 4 items on E-bay and I do have bids on 2 of them already!  And, I did take a picture of my china cabinet to list on Craigslist.  Maybe I'll do that tonight.

So, even though I mostly sit on the couch and watch People's Court, I do take some time to get stuff done.  Slowly...