Thursday, February 4, 2010

My week in review

And it's only Thursday...

Well, maybe I'll do this in bullet points, Troy loves those.

*I *think* I may be starting to feel better.  I've at least had some energy to pack a bit.  I finally got all of my scrapbook materials packed up.  And, I've only taken 2 Zofran all week.  Yay!

*I made dinner, with vegetables!, and blonde brownies tonight!

*Troy has another trip planned for work.  I hate it when he's gone, but it means more money to put away, and that's a good thing when you've lost your full-time job.  Plus, I think he can make it a day trip - no overnights!

*My girls are playing well together.  They may fight a lot, still, but I think they play nicely at least twice as often as they fight.

*I'm in the market for a new computer.  We currently have an Acer, which we were told would be a good buy, since supposedly they're made by Dell.  Well, after only a year, this runs hot, it's very noisy and the plug socket is wearing out.  And, apparently, computer stores don't weld them, you have to find someone in their garage with a mask and flame to do it.
So, we had said, back when we bought this, that we'd buy a Mac when this died.  Little did we realize that a MacBook Pro, what we would need, is over $2,000!  Please go on sale, soon!

*A good friend brought my family dinner the other night.  They appreciated eating pasta instead of pb&j.  Thank, Kelly!

*Troy is leading worship in a local church this Sunday.  It will be the first time since we left the, well, I'll just call it our old church.  He won't be leading again until he starts at our new church in March.  I will probably miss it, since I tend to hibernate right now, avoiding the embarassment of gagging in front of strangers.

*My family keeps getting snowed in.  I have to laugh at them, but I shouldn't laugh too hard, because fate may reward me by snowing me in the day I move.  That wouldn't be funny.  Especially since we just sold our snowblower.

*I looked at the fabric I have cut out for the nappy bag I need to sew and sell on Etsy.  My poor store is empty.  I really need to sew this bag, I can do it in less than a day.  I'm so lazy.

*I did, however, list 4 items on E-bay and I do have bids on 2 of them already!  And, I did take a picture of my china cabinet to list on Craigslist.  Maybe I'll do that tonight.

So, even though I mostly sit on the couch and watch People's Court, I do take some time to get stuff done.  Slowly...


  1. Yea for feeling better! Macbook Pro would be awesome...I keep dreaming about one!!!

  2. Aw, sorry your hubs has to be gone. Out of town work is the pits! Glad you seem to be on the road to feeling better, that's always a bright spot in the pregnancy journey. Have you checked out We buy all of our Apple computers from there, they're much cheaper than straight from!
    And...there's nothin' wrong with a little Peoples Court to pass the time. :P