Saturday, February 13, 2010

Nearing the end...

Of our life in Ohio, that is.  We have a 26 foot truck in the driveway that we'll start loading tomorrow.  We're planning on driving out early Wednesday morning.  Hopefully I will feel well for the whole trip.

I am going to miss living here.  Yes, the church elders treated us horribly, I can honestly say this is the worst church experience I've ever had, and believe me, I've had some bad ones.  But, the people in the town have become even nicer to us.  They actually say they expected the church to get rid of us, even though they were hoping things would be different.  It's nice to feel the love and have it reinforced that we are doing the right thing.  I just wish we could take all the people of the church with us, they are wonderful, trusting people.  I hope things work out for them, whatever that may be.

We're also nearing the end of the first trimester!  Tomorrow begins 13 weeks, so yay for 2nd trimester.  Hopefully, I'll keep feeling better and have a sudden recovery.

I'm on my old computer because, although I put the Nikon transfer program on the Mac, I can't get any pictures to transfer.  Grrr....

Here are some pictures of our snowy week...

She made snow angels.  I think they turned out great!
...wishing she were outside too...


  1. I hope moving goes okay! So sorry about the church elders....that's so sad. :(

  2. Ahhh, I thought I commented on this post already. Man, I really am a slacker. The snow pictures are too cute! I hope your move went well and that you're feeling lots better!