Friday, February 5, 2010

My Blogroll

I used to be a good blogger.  I used to blog about my cooking, about my crafts, about our outings...

Now, I blog about, well, not much.

But, I love my blogroll!  I check it multiple times a day to see what my blog friends are up to.  I have so many different ones, real-life friends who love crafting, internet friends who love gardening, real life friends who love the internet, so many different things.  I live viacriously through them!

I have many blogs I follow, but I probably have 5 times as many that I just keep in my favorites.  They probably wish I would follow them, I know I jump for joy when I get a new follower.  But, I'm *shy*.  I feel like I'm intruding in their lives when I follow them. 

Yes, I do have some blogs I follow that I just found through my friend's blogs.  And, I was brave enough to introduce myself and follow them.  But, their blogs are AWESOME!  I am impressed with their lives, beliefs and families.  And, so, I step out and follow them.  And, they're so kind!  I bet if I followed some of my favorite blogs, they would be kind, too.  Maybe I should try...

So, today, I absolutely had to get diapers.  And, because I am boycotting right now, (my diapers were supposed to be delivered on Saturday and arrived the next Tuesday...and yes, I was out.), I had to go to BRU.  And, I need some pants.  Only sweats fit me, and the only pair I own that are presentable have a hole in the bottom.  So, I wanted to hit Old Navy.  And, since it was close to Hobby Lobby, I wanted to buy some spring flowers and barrettes, so I could make clips for my girls.

I made it to all those places, and we even went to our favorite Thai place for lunch - yum!

We're going to a friend's house for dinner tonight.  I'm almost getting back to normal!!!


  1. that is a beautiful mobile!! :) I have seen those with the branches before!

  2. I am glad I got a chance to see you my friend! I hope you are feeling better!! P.S.- When you were at Hobby Lobby and such you should have called me I was right down the road! :-) I was just reading some of your past blogs when everything seemed like it was going to be fine and you were not resigning or moving away. I am very sad that you are moving in a week...let the tears roll again! :( You guys mean so much to me and I am grateful to have met you and your family. You will never know the impact you have made in my life! It is great and I could never repay you for all you have done for me! Thanks for being great Christian role models to look up to, a great safe and trustworthy place to confide in, and most importantly great friends! I couldn't have made it through the summer and last semester without you! :) God is going to use you in amazing ways I just know because of your big hearts to serve and your passion! May God bless you and your family in everything you do...Thanks again for everything! Drive safely and please keep in touch! I can't wait to see how God uses you in Maryland. I have truly been blessed by you!

    -Chels :)