Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sneak Peak of Baby Pictures

Instead of getting the hospital pictures with baby Delcie, we asked my friend, Laura, to come over and take pictures of the whole family with the baby.

They turned out so great!  I'm the worst photography subject in the world, and she even got a couple of good ones of me.

I'm uploading them to facebook, so if you're my fb friend, you can check them out.  I will get them on here soon, but not tonight, I'm too tired.

But, I will give you a preview...

Isn't she amazing?!?

Monday, September 27, 2010

Smiles :)

Delcie smiled at me today.  A real smile, not a sleeping smile, or a grimace, but a real, "I know who you are and am happy to see you" smile.  Troy got to see it.  What a special moment, seeing my baby's recognition and love for the first time.

I'm really enjoying these milestones.  Well, there haven't been too many yet, but just go with it.

But, it's also a little sad when I think of this being the last baby that I'll experience these milestones with.  How blessed am I that I have these 3 beautiful babies to love!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Our soccer season begins

Last year, Troy and Camdyn played soccer in the backyard.  This year, she's playing on a real team.  Our church sponsors Upward soccer for our area.  She's just at the age cutoff, so she can play this year.  Troy's her coach.

Their first game was this past Saturday.  At her age, they don't keep score...(but her team won! :)

Here are some pictures from the game.

Here they are ready to get started playing.

She did so "good" that she ended up playing goalie for the majority of the game.

And, the really cute coach!

And, I couldn't not add these pictures...

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Camdyn has been in preschool for 2 weeks now.  She went last year in Ohio at our church's preschool.  She loved it, and we decided to put her in the school that uses our church building this year.  She could go 2 full days a week, but we are trying 2 half days right now.  She starts at 8:30 and I pick her up at 12:15.

So far, she seems to love it.  She has made some friends already, something she really hasn't done at church for some reason.  I think maybe because there aren't too many children her age, they're either older or younger.  So, I'm glad she's already doing so well.

Here are some pictures from her first day...

Standing inside her classroom.  She looked a little nervous.

I lead the worship in chapel each week, (well, I will soon, right now Troy's doing it for me and I'm assisting him until I'm done recovering.)
I am also the music teacher.  I had trouble finding curriculum and am not real happy with what I found.  I hope I can do good at it.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I have to post something...

I am not sure what to write about, so I have been avoiding my blog.  We're getting adjusted to being a family of five here.  Tonight, I had the girls all to myself while Troy was at worship team practice.  For 3 whole hours!  It was - interesting.

Delcie is growing so fast.  We look at her and are amazed at how big she is.  The other two were so tiny compared to her.  At her 10 day checkup, she was already 10 ounces more than her birthweight.

Cam and Aves are doing wonderful as big sisters.  It's fun to watch them playing together, all 3 of them, and I can't wait until Delcie is big enough to run around with the other two.

We had to use the video camera today to take some pictures since my camera wasn't in the bag...
I found an old picture of Cam taking a bath in the kitchen sink and just had to share it.

Isn't she a cutie!

Oh, how I miss my blue counters.  And huge sink.  But, someday I'll have my own house again...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Baby Delcie

You have been so patient waiting for pictures of the baby.  I have been busy enjoying her, but now I'll take the time to share.

Here we are right after she was born.  They took her and suctioned her, but got her back lickety split.

Here she is meeting Daddy for the first time.

And meeting Camdyn who stayed up way past her bedtime to come to the hospital to meet her.

The next day, Cam and Averie came back to see Delcie again.  Averie didn't like seeing me in the hospital bed, but once she realized I was okay, she decided to enjoy the new baby.

Averie loves being the big sister!

Just a close-up of Delcie.  She had just a little jaundice, it went away in 2 days.

We are really enjoying being home with all three girls.  Everyone seems to be getting along well together - for now :)