Sunday, September 19, 2010


Camdyn has been in preschool for 2 weeks now.  She went last year in Ohio at our church's preschool.  She loved it, and we decided to put her in the school that uses our church building this year.  She could go 2 full days a week, but we are trying 2 half days right now.  She starts at 8:30 and I pick her up at 12:15.

So far, she seems to love it.  She has made some friends already, something she really hasn't done at church for some reason.  I think maybe because there aren't too many children her age, they're either older or younger.  So, I'm glad she's already doing so well.

Here are some pictures from her first day...

Standing inside her classroom.  She looked a little nervous.

I lead the worship in chapel each week, (well, I will soon, right now Troy's doing it for me and I'm assisting him until I'm done recovering.)
I am also the music teacher.  I had trouble finding curriculum and am not real happy with what I found.  I hope I can do good at it.

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