Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Baby Delcie

You have been so patient waiting for pictures of the baby.  I have been busy enjoying her, but now I'll take the time to share.

Here we are right after she was born.  They took her and suctioned her, but got her back lickety split.

Here she is meeting Daddy for the first time.

And meeting Camdyn who stayed up way past her bedtime to come to the hospital to meet her.

The next day, Cam and Averie came back to see Delcie again.  Averie didn't like seeing me in the hospital bed, but once she realized I was okay, she decided to enjoy the new baby.

Averie loves being the big sister!

Just a close-up of Delcie.  She had just a little jaundice, it went away in 2 days.

We are really enjoying being home with all three girls.  Everyone seems to be getting along well together - for now :)

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  1. Your baby girls are all so gorgeous! And so are you :) We are so happy for you and your family. Enjoy sweet Delcie!