Saturday, January 30, 2010

Smith Island Cake

Since I'm feeling so yucky, we really aren't doing anything postworthy.  And, I'm sure you guys don't really want to hear about what's going on in my head, it's mostly..."should I run to the bathroom now or wait until I can't stand the nausea any more?"

So, here's a re-post from my wordpress blog from last June about the most delicious cake ever!


Here’s a yummy cake, I’m still learning how to make it, but if you’re ever in Smith Island, stop in for a real one…


Chocolate Cake mix + additional Ingredients to make according to the box

Make the cake mix, grease and flour as many 9-inch cake pans as will fit into your oven. Fill each pan with about 3/4 cup of mix, spread around to the edges of the pan.

Bake for 8 minutes. Take out, cool for a few minutes in the pan, then invert onto a cooling rack. Cool completely.

Make 8 layers.

Icing: My friend Vicki’s Yummy Buttercream

1 pound softened butter
2 cups Crisco
2 tsp. vanilla
2 dashes of salt
6 cups powdered sugar
1/2 cup Milnot
Cream butter and Crisco. Add vanilla and salt. Add powdered sugar slowly. Once it’s all mixed in, add the Milnot and whip for 5 minutes.

Layer the cake, then icing, then crushed Oreos until you’re at the top layer of cake.

Once it’s all layered, ice completely and decorate however you want.


  1. Looks fun, I bet you could do it with any whipped icing (I can't have milk). I wonder how cherry cake would taste if you made layers?

  2. Oh my goodness...NOW I AM SOOOOO HUNGRY!!!!! That looks MARVELOUS!!!! :) I could eat the picture! I think I will attempt to make that, maybe not at 12:15 in the morning, but maybe when I am not doing anything on the weekends! :) I really miss you guys and I am sorry that you are still so sick, that can not be a very good feeling...hopefully the Lord will bless you with an easy delivery since you are dealing with all this sickness...I am hoping I can come and say goodbye to you before you leave for MD, but it isn't looking like I will be able to make it! The only day I could is on Superbowl Sunday...I don't know what you guys have planned, but I thought about coming home...if the weather isn't to bad, but if you are not up for visitors I completely understand! I love you guys and am praying for you daily! I hope that you start feeling better soon!

  3. sounds delish! hope you start feeling better... they really should call it all day sickness! and Camdyn is my favorite all time girl name:)