Sunday, January 24, 2010

Our News

Well, since it seems everyone knows already, I guess I'll tell you faithful readers - in case you haven't heard yet...
We are expecting our third child!
I'm deathly ill.  I spent 3 weeks on the couch.  Moaning.  I'm so glad Troy has a job that allows him to work from home so he can take care of the girls, (and me).
I'm due on August 22, three days before Averie's birthday :-)

Oh, and I get to pack up my house, clean it from top to bottom, and move across the country in 3 weeks.

Now, this is also our last child.  How can I be so sure?  Well, barring a miracle, that is, I can be sure.  I have infertility, and tried for 5 years to get pregnant before being blessed with our first daughter.  We did IVF to get pregnant with her.  Our second is a result of a frozen transfer from the IVF.  And, this baby is the last of our embryos.  So, that's how I can be so sure.

Those of my friends dealing with IF, I hope this doesn't hurt you too much.  I know it's going to hurt a bit - a lot, that's inevitable.  Know that I have my fingers crossed for you and your miracles, too!

Oh, I am feeling a little bit better.  I am just so nauseas all day long, and exhausted, but I am better than I was 3 weeks ago, so says Troy.


  1. Awwww, how exciting! Will you find out the gender? Congrats!

  2. OH, sweetie! Congratulations!!! I'm soooo happy for you! I sure hope you're feeling better soon. (((HUGS)))

    I hope it's okay that I ask, but how many embryos did you transfer each time? Do you know their grades at all?

    VERY happy for you!!!

  3. Congratulations!!!!! That is exciting...ok not the nauseous part...yea for a new baby chute! Good luck with the packing and cleaning. If I was closer I would come help you out.

  4. Love you, Grace!!
    PS: I like that I get to know these things before most people :)

  5. Grace

    As one of your friends with IF, I have to say that I am not hurt but so happy for you. You have been a HUGE help on the bumpy IF road. Whenever I would get depressed or upset, I knew I could call or email you and you would calm me down and remind me that there was still hope. I thank you for your encouragement, support, friendship and most of all HOPE. Thank you.

    Also, I have a cure for the nausea. Try peppermint tea, it works for nausea, diarrhea and most of all is a natural DESTRESSER. Since it is naturally decaffinated you should have no problems.

    Love you and miss you.