Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Poor, Starving Family

Well, since you all know about the pregnancy, maybe you know now why my blog has been so boring.  All I do each day is sit on the couch.  Watch tv.  Read blogs.  Knit.  Maybe I'll post about my knitting soon.

I don't cook.  Actually, I did make waffles and bacon tonight, but that wore me out.  Not to mention, I had to take a break to gag in the sink.

So, my family is living on cereal, pb&j and frozen pizzas.  I gave in yesterday and let Troy get the girls happy meals for dinner, but that's a rare treat.

A funny things has started happening.  Sometimes, I can watch Food Network.  On good days.  Non-gag days.  And, I've discovered that my family is starving for some real food.  How do I know?  Well, check out this strange phenom...
Yes, they stop and stare at the food on tv.  How pitiful, that they have to drool about fake food since I can't cook for them.

They make up excuses to get out of the house and hit the farm store that has free popcorn.  Ugh.

(Yes, these pics were taken from my perch on the couch...)


  1. Hahahaha! The DO look hungry :) Hope your morning sickness wears off soon. I was deathly ill my whole pregnancy and I remember one point before we told anyone, we were all together and Food Network was on. I wanted to DIE.

  2. Ha! That's cute. :)

    Thanks for the info, too. :) Yes, I am obsessing. :)

  3. Okay, this cracks me up! I soooo remember being like that, too. Funny thing, I watched Food Network while I was in labor because we don't have cable at home. Foodies have to get it where they can! I doubt the fam will starve, they'll just think back on these days and sigh great big sighs of relief. :P