Friday, October 30, 2009

I love leaves

We rent a house with at least 6 huge maple trees. I love their shade in the summer, and I love their leaves changing in the fall. We have the prettiest fall trees on our street. Now that it's getting later in the year, those pretty leaves are starting to fall. My landlord swept up a ton of them yesterday, these very leaves are now gone...

It's so windy, (and warm!), today, there are almost as many leaves down, now, as there were before he swept. But, they are blowing across the street into the field behind our neighbor's house. The farmer probably loves it, because our soil is full of clay, and leaves help adjust that problem. I would, at least.
So, we're having chili for dinner. And pumpkin cookies for dessert :-) Yum! Great fall foods.

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