Tuesday, December 14, 2010

13 years ago today...

... I was getting ready to get married!

I had a long day to get ready, we held our wedding at 7pm.  Hey, it was a Christmas-time candlelight wedding.  I had to make sure it was dark!

Actually, I didn't realize how late that was for everyone, and I am so grateful for all my friends and family who came.

Oh what a fun time we had.  I had so many attendants.  I think there were 12 girls and 9 or 10 boys?

What can I say?  I am the oldest of 6 children.  We are lotsa peoples!

Seems like so long ago, that day I married my best friend.

I'm so grateful that he chose me to love forever.

Isn't he the dreamiest!

That's my Grandma Mary with us.  She was a goof-ball, loved to make people laugh.  Kinda a stinker.

I'm happy.

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