Monday, September 12, 2011

How the chickens are faring

It's September.  I have 5 hens who are 27 weeks old and 7 hens and a roo who are 22 weeks old.  The 5 hens have been laying for almost 3 months now.  Today, we got our first egg from the younger girls!  I believe it was one of my Barred Rocks, she looks really red in the face.

Here are a few pics of them.

This is Brady, he's our roo.  He only has one waddle, the girls think it's cute.

My red stars are the girls who have been laying for a while now.  

My 2 Eaaster Eggers, (one is sun bathing), one of the BR girls, and a Buff peeking out from under the tree.  I don't think this is the BR who is laying, but, I have trouble telling them apart.

And, my little helper.  She loves to stick her fingers through the fence, until the hens get curious to see what treat she's offering and give her a peck.

I have almost 40 meat chicks arriving later this week, and another 10 laying chicks next week.  Then, we should be set for the winter, no brooding chicks when it's cold...


  1. I'm getting ready to order 20+ new layers for my Mom and I, too. I am not impressed with my Buff's, sadly. I think we'll go with Red Stars, Black Australorps and maybe a few Columbian Wyandottes. My Buff's did not fare well in the heat this year, and are hardly laying for me. I really want a hand full of EE's but the hatchery I'm using doesn't have them. Who do you order from?

  2. Chickens! I must say, I will never own the black/white barred ones (I think Barred Rock, but I'm not sure). BAAAAD memories, let's just say, old tough rooster, dull knife, first chicken butchered ever. 'Nuff said.

    By the way, I know of a really good/easy way to kill them swiftly without the unsurity of will this knife kill them the first time or will I have to take several goes while the poor thing lays there. Let me know if you want to know...