Thursday, November 11, 2010

Long time, no see...

...or read.  Write?  Whatever.

Wanna know where I've been?

Living life.  Yep, I've been doing stuff instead of writing about it.

Mostly taking care of my children.  Troy's been out of town more than he's been in town for the last 5 weeks now.  After next week, in which he's scheduled to be gone Wednesday through Saturday, he says it should slow down.  We'll see.

I'm glad he has a job.  God is taking care of us after he was ...I don't know how to say it... fired?  kicked out?  told we don't want your kind here anymore... from our last church.  Where we know God wanted us to be.  I'm so sad about that still...

Maybe our new church needed us more?  I sure do love them, there are so many wonderful, kind people surrounding us.

But, He's given us both jobs.  If Troy's ends, which, it's really a day-to-day thing, I could go full time and maybe support us?  Don't know, kids are expensive, and so are dads.  (and moms!)

So, I've been busy taking care of the girls, working a little bit.  (by the way, work has gone mostly good, I remembered how to do my job, and Delcie does okay while I'm gone.  Just okay.  She still won't drink from a bottle.)  And, crafting just a touch.  I've added a few items to my Etsy shop.  I can't find anything to concentrate on, I like so many things.  I run a poorly managed shop.

I have the cutest models!

Check them out!  the alligator purse
I even learned how to create a header for my shop.

I also helped get our church's new web site up and running.  It's pretty basic right now, but as we run it and get feedback, I'm sure it will be super soon!

Ocean City Baptist Church

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