Thursday, November 25, 2010

a mouse in the house, a Christmas mouse?

Nope, just a field mouse trying to eat my pies.  So, we set a few traps.  One was behind the microwave on our counter, since we saw...evidence...that he had been there.  We set the trap, went to my sister's for thanksgiving dinner, then returned home to get ready for bed.  I came down the hall from our bedroom to Troy standing in the hall telling me he had an "interesting" situation.

I followed him into the kitchen while he explained he injured the mouse.  But, the mouse had escaped from the trap.

And was running free on the counter.

Actually, he was just cowering behind the microwave.

In front of a bloody mess.  Blood was splattered all over the counter back there.  Nasty.

We were faced with the dilema - how to catch him?

Why, with a kitchen knife and grill tongs, of course!

I used the knife.  Troy used the tongs.  I chased, he waited and snapped.  We lifted the microwave.  We missed, and missed.  Oh, and missed.

Finally, I thought we needed to try a different tactic.  I made my move to set the knife down in the sink, and...

The mouse FLEW out from under the microwave right at my face.  I turned, in slow motion, saw him flying at my face, and, even though I have laryngitis, screamed bloody, (ha ha), murder.

Troy, being the athlete that he is, snatched the mouse out of his midair flight right as he was nearing my eyes.

Just kidding, the mouse actually fell into the sink on it's way to my face, and Troy tonged him right up, ran out the door and tossed him far away into the field.

Great Thanksgiving story, right?

You should hear what my parents found when they got home...

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