Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"The Little Couple" is making me cry

Ever watch this show?  They're going through IVF, I think mostly due to their size causing fertility issues.  They have done 4 IVF cycles, and had failures each time.  I watched one where she ovulated on the way to retrieval.  How defeating.  But, in tonight's show, they made it to retrieval and got an egg - only one.  And, it fertilized.  I'm sitting here on the couch sobbing at how happy they are, how happy I remember us feeling when we got our fertilization report.  How on edge we were waiting for thaw reports at each FET.

Infertility, as I think so often, is so unfair.  Why do we have to go through it?  Why do we have to try for years, get so excited about one single fertilized egg?

A friend posted the following status update today...

The prettiest smiles belong to those who have been through the hardest of tribulations...but still managed to make it through with a smile

And that, that is what it's for.  Gives us, not just the prettiest smiles, but the most appreciation for each tiny egg that turns into an embryo and goes on to join us in this world.

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