Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Watermelon Cake Pops

My sister pointed me in a new direction for cake pops.  I have only made normal cake with pretty outsides, but she showed me an idea to make a surprise inside to my pops.  So, I tried a watermelon!  I just used a strawberry cake, added mini chocolate chips to the balls, dipped them into white chocolate and then green. They turned out so neat!

I took them to church and shared them with our summer missionaries.  They're a group of college students who give up their summers to come to OC and minister to the international student workers, vacationing families, life guards, beach patrols, etc for a summer.  You can read more about them through this link on our church's web site... CALM  (Feel free to browse the web site, I helped set it up :)

I love making cake pops.  And, my family loves eating them.  Unfortunately, this is the only picture I got of them before they were eaten up.  I guess I'll just have to make some more again soon to take better pictures...


  1. Too cute!!! I saw ones like it on pinterest, but never tried it out!

  2. These are soooo cute! Unfortunately, my cake balls didn't turn out quite right. Apparnetly you aren't supposed to add larger amounts of food coloring and red hots and use really old dipping chocolate :-) They were blue with green white chocolate - and of course, red red hots.

  3. I tried to make them fillers a recipe I got and they still tasted like mush do you have recipe you could share

    1. Here's a detailed tutorial for them.

      I just use a box cake mix and bake it in a 9x13 pan. I mix in canned frosting, I've tried using homemade and it doesn't work as well. The main tip I have for you is not to use too much icing, probably about 1/3 of a can for 1 cake.

      Also, try squishing them into a tight ball before refrigerating them. That might make them creamier, instead of mushy.

      Good luck!