Friday, December 11, 2009


Well, I've had a rough day of shopping, cleaning vomit, (don't ask...), cooking, packing and watching my girls the whole time.  I'm at a stopping point with making my Christmas cards until I can get to the store tomorrow, so I am indulging and taking a break learning how to work my early Christmas present. 

Thank you Santa!!!

Actually, I've been saving money since spring, and Troy recently made a little extra DJ-ing that brought us close enough that he gave me the OK to get it.  My old camera was getting pretty bad, I couldn't stand taking pictures with it.

So far, I've taken 34 pictures.  I've figured out how to turn the lense to manual and back.  And, I'm trying to figure out how to edit pictures.  Here are a couple of my favorites, so far, (un-edited).

Now, if only someone would just give me the clif notes on how to work this thing to the best of its capabilities...


  1. Congrats on the camera! It looks nice!!

  2. Congrats! Cliff notes to it are at

  3. Yay! We got the same camera! Don't you love it! Did you get any extra lenses or accessories?