Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sarah Foxwell

Last Tuesday, Troy and I took the girls driving around looking at land and houses.  We were trying to find a place to live, figuring out which town we would like to live in.  (We're moving to the Eastern Shore of Maryland, more about that in another post.)  We began in Berlin and ended towards Salisbury, on Old Ocean City Road.  We didn't find any good prospects.

When we got home, there was an amber alert for a girl named Sarah.  She had dissappeared from...Old Ocean City Road.  She was only 11 years old.  An ex-boyfriend of her aunt's had kidnapped her from her home while she slept.

Thousands of local searched for her.  We hoped she would be found alive, even though the temperatures were mostly below freezing.  Three days later, on Christmas, her body was found.

This story makes me hold my girls closer.  It makes me not want to let them out of my sight.  It makes me realize how fragile life is, how quickly it can be taken.

Some really bad things have happened to us lately.  It's not often that a church tells you they don't want you anymore and to leave.  It's not often that you have to pick up your family and leave the place you planned to live for the rest of your life to move to an unknown situation.  It's not often that you have to leave dear friends and family forever.  It's not often you face life semi-unemployed - yikes!  Yes, we're dealing with all these things right now.
But, you know what?  God keeps showing us how much He cares.  He does little things after each bad thing to remind us that He's in charge, that He loves us.  He loves each of us as much as I love my little girls.  Those ones that I don't want to let out of my sight.  It is His way of telling us that everything will be okay, even if we can't see the future.

Please pray for the family and friends of Sarah Foxwell.

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  1. How awful. Will say a prayer for her family for sure. Makes you want to be super over protective, huh?