Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A long time coming update

We have been gone on vacation in a nice, big city - with terrible internet.  All last week we were on vaca in a huge hotel, but I was only able to get online once.  That's okay, it meant we could spend more time swimming or shopping :)

It was hot, very hot.  It really wore me out.  Nearly 100* each day.

I'll post pictures later, maybe after I get the July 4 pictures posted...

Here's a pic to tide you over.  Our hidden baby at 35 weeks this past Sunday night. (And the baby's sisters...)

It seems the baby has dropped.  My sisters told Troy that they noticed a difference in the week we were together, and a ton of customers at work this week are making comments, so it must be obvious.  I'm having a lot of cramps and BH contrax, but not much more.  We'll see what the doc says today.

Troy's on his way out of town this morning, not coming back until Friday night.  I think he's nervous that he's going to get a call to rush home, like he did when I went into labor with Averie, but I don't think so.

Hope not.  We're not anywhere close to having a name picked out.  We don't know if this baby is a boy or girl, so we have to have both.  We have a very small list, and don't really love any of the names.  Ugh.

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