Tuesday, July 27, 2010

...On being a SAHM

I used to be a stay-at-home-mom.  Until I had to get a job.  For health insurance.  Did you know that if there's a pregnant wife in a family, it's nearly impossible for anyone in the family to get health insurance?  Well, it wasn't that way until recently, and our State Farm agent really dropped the ball, (interpreted - was lazy), and resulted in our not being able to purchase insurance.  We did qualify and get Maryland state health insurance, but it's pretty expensive.

So, I have been working full-time for part of the spring and all summer.  I love my job, but I love staying home, too.

I just began working only part-time this week.  So, I've had two days off in a row!  Yesterday, we drove to Ikea.  I'm used to having an Ikea within less than 1/2 hour of my house, but here, it's way on the other side of the bay.  So, since we were dropping off a dear friend at the airport, we went early to shop!  And...the store was closed.  Apparently, the small thunderstorm that went through the night before made the power go out.  It was so disappointing.  Oh well, what can you do?

Today, we hit the Goodwill store, (didn't find anything), got a car wash and went to the library.  The girls love the library, it has computers, fun games and tons of books!  We try to go every two weeks - when the books are due, and every once in a while, we hit "Books and Baristas" that my store does, since they serve snacks ;)

It's fun being a SAHM again - but it sure is stressful.  I can barely handle the two girls, what am I going to do when I have a third?  It really helps that Camdyn is getting old enough to help me out.

Here's Averie playing with the piggy puppet.

The girls played with the magnets too.  And a cool fishing toy that's new to the library.
And, they love mirrors!

And, since Troy had two softball games tonight and I can't take the heat/humidity, we headed to Target during the game.  I had to get stuff for my hospital bag - I guess I've delayed it long enough.  Honestly, I'm just a little superstitious about it - with Averie, it was the morning after I shopped and packed my bag that my water broke.

I don't want to have the baby this week.  I would love to meet him/her, but Camdyn's birthday is Thursday and I don't want to take the attention away from her special time.

But, Sunday is August 1, and I would feel comfortable with the baby coming that day or any day after that.

Back to the bag, I love packing a hospital bag.  I love buying all the travel sizes and trying new items.  I found an awesome new shower gel from Averie's bag, wonder what I'll find out of this one!

I decided to give a different style of tank a try for nursing.  I typically get the real nursing ones Target sells, but these were prettier.  I'm hoping they work...

I guess even though I haven't packed the bag, I could just grab my target bag and go, lol!

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