Sunday, June 27, 2010

Garden Update

My garden seems to be doing well this year. Despite an attack of potato beetles, hornworms and cabbage worms, each plant seems to be thriving.  I have many green tomatoes on my plants, (grown from seed for the first time ever - yes, I'm proud!!!), and a nearly ready green pepper.  I've had flowers blooming for a month with many more to come.  I just noticed baby cucumbers today.  I started my squash, melons and beans late, but they're growing quickly.

I tried a new way of staking my tomatoes this year.  I can't remember what it's called, if anyone knows, please inform me???  It's working so good - I love it!  You just put a stake at the end of each row, one between every 2 plants, and run twine between them.  You basically prop the tomatoes as they grow.  It's way better than the usual cages.

This is how they look staked:

And, this is how the twine looks run between the stakes.

This is how big my black tomatoes were about 4 days ago.  They're bigger and starting to change color now!

I also ran a trellis for the cucumbers.  They're just getting big enough to train them up the trellis.

I have a green pepper nearly ready to pick.

Can you see it there in between the leaves?

And, the beets.  They pretty much died when i planted them, but a few surprised me and came back to life.  I need to plant more, once these are closer to ready, so I can have them ready in the fall.
(yes, it's wilty.  The sprinkler misses this corner, we have to water it by hand, and it was forgotten for a day or two.)

I also have a ton of herbs - thyme, oregano, lavender, mints, (in pots), rosemary, tarragon and some HUGE basil.  Yum!

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  1. That is so great that you can grow all this stuff! I kill everything. Ha!