Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A trip to the beach

Last week, my niece and nephews were here.  Grandpa and Grandma took them to the beach nearly every day.  One of the days, I got to go with them, and although I forgot my camera, I did have my phone with me.  I don't know yet how to edit phone pictures on my computer, that's why these are a bit dark and not cropped.
Averie decided she liked laying on the beach, but didn't learn not to lay her face down in the sand, and then turn it to the other side, thus getting both cheeks and her mouth sandy.

Camdyn decided to burry herself in the sand, with her sister's help.  Funny!!!

We were watching the air show this day, but it was pretty boring.  We had watched them practicing the day before, and it was way better.  It was just, kind of, slow at the actual show.

Now, our days are spent weeding the garden while avoiding the spiders, hornworms and snakes, going to the library, going to the mall and playing outside.  I'm working a lot, still, 5-6 days a week.  But, vacation is coming up soon!!!

Here's an updated picture of the new baby...

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  1. Look at that baby bump! Adorable! :) Hurrah for vacation, I'm sure you'll be so glad to see it!