Sunday, May 30, 2010

Catching up

I think I may have a few minutes here while the girls are waking up to begin catching up.  I have nearly the whole holiday weekend off work!  Just 4 hours tonight, but yesterday off and tomorrow off :)  So, here goes...

We had good friends from Chicagoland visit us last month, (yes, I"m that far behind).  We showed them the beach, the island, and Washington D.C.  I only have pictures of DC, but here they are.

The Washington Monument.

I can't remember what this monument was, it's newer, not one I remember growing up with.

Walking down the reflecting pool.

Posing in front of the White House.

The "kitchen garden" at the WH.  Not sure that this will feed everyone all year...

Troy worked a little, here he is, working, don't know what Beau is doing...
They climbed the Lincoln  Memorial.  I waited at the bottom.

We spent most of the day at the Holocost museum.

That piece of art in front of the museum is a swastika all torn up.

We also ate really well while they were here.  Old Mill for crabs one night, a local mexican restaurant that was awesome another night, and, believe it or not, our hotel had awesome food in DC.  (They're chefs and foodies, so when they get together with Troy, half our conversations revolve around food...)

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  1. A good friend of mine recently moved to Maryland, and we sooo want to go see them this year and tour DC. Just to say we've been there.
    You're right, that kitchen "garden" doesn't look like much. :) I'll refrain from making bad political jokes, haha! ;)