Sunday, January 2, 2011

Just about a year ago, I was in the ER

Today, I did some rearranging.  I put together a Billy bookshelf from Ikea, and decided to move another one from the spare bedroom into the living room to mirror it.  That meant I had to clean it off.

I was using it to store my scrapbook stuff.  Some of it.  And, truly just store it.  I haven't scrapped in nearly 2 years.  I will again, someday.

So, I store my memories on it.  Most get stored in a box, a few were just sitting on the shelf.

I found a couple of hospital bracelets.

One was dated October 28, 2009.  The day I had a FET.  It resulted in a negative pregnancy test.

One was dated December 27, 2009.  The day Troy's cousin got married.  Our last day at CEC.  The day I started bleeding.

The day I lost our second angel baby.

Delcie's twin.

We didn't even know we were pregnant with twins until we lost one.  Didn't even get the chance to love the baby while we were together on this earth.

I often think of our two angels and wonder what they would be like, as they grew with their sisters.  Would they be boys?  Probably girls, knowing my family!

How exciting it will be to get to heaven and get to meet our darlings.

I'm so grateful for our three little girls.  How lucky are we to get to teach them and enjoy them as they grow up.  I never imagined I would experience something as wonderful as being their parent.

But, sometimes, the little reminders are there, in front of me, making it more real, remembering the ones we lost.

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  1. I'm sorry, Grace. I like to think our babies are all together playing in heaven, but I sure wish they were here with us. I hate that we both had to lose our babies - it isn't right.
    I love you, and I am so thankful to have you as my friend!