Friday, January 28, 2011

My baby chicks are ordered!

I've waited for a few years now to realize my dream of owning chickens.  I want them for layers, for their eggs.  When we lived in Ohio, we thought we were close to our homesteading dream.  We owned 10 beautiful acres with no restrictions, (like we faced in Illinois.)

But, alas, that dream crashed down around us.

Now, we are looking at being able to own the chickens this year.  Yay!

Troy is planning to build me a coop.  We researched purchasing one, but they're very expensive and don't look too sturdy.  So, my handy honey is going to whip one up for me in a weekend.

I placed my chick order yesterday for delivery on April 11.  I ordered them from

I'm particular about which chickens I want.  I want a mix of egg colors, from light brown, to dark brown, blue, green and pink.  I also want chicks that will grow into friendly hens.  I was attacked by the roosters my parents owned when I was younger, and am still traumatized by it today.  No mean roosters will be attacking my girls!

Here are the breeds I ordered...

2 Female Easter Eggers
2 Female Buff Orphingtons
2 Female Barred Plymouth Rocks
1 Male Barred Plymouth Rock
1 Female Welsummer

I ordered them vaccinated and will feed them medicated crumbles for their first few weeks to help them avoid disease.  With the abundance of chickens around here, I don't want to risk losing them.

We went to Tractor Supply today and purchased the heat lamp, food, bedding, etc. for them.

We plan to keep them in the shed until they're big enough to go outside, since apparently they'll be super dusty.  Not liking the thought of cleaning the garage or a room in the house of chicken dust.


  1. How fun!!! I miss having chickens, and I'm trying to convince a friend to sell me some of her pullets. I just don't have time for chicks! You'll love the Welsummer and Buff's, mine were so sweet.

  2. Well, I don't know anything about chickens, and I've never had a blue, green or pink egg. Good luck to you! I hope you enjoy them!

  3. No Rhode Island Reds?! That is the kind that I want to get when I finally get some.

    I'll never forget Plymouth Rocks...first animal I ever butchered was a super tough Plymouth Rock rooster. Let's just say it took quite a few hacks to get through his tough neck.