Saturday, January 29, 2011

My baby is 5 months old

My very last baby is growing up so quickly.  It's hard to say if I'm sad or happy, of course, I'm happy.  But, it's bittersweet.  She's my very last baby.  I love seeing her grow and learn things.  She's now sitting up in the bumbo, rolling over, reaching for food, (although I say, no food until 6 months, she's EBF), and just all around a fun little girl.

But...she's my last baby.


She turned 5 months old yesterday.  We celebrated with, uh, starting an earlier bedtime?

We've always had late bedtimes for our girls.  Usually between 9-10pm.  But, Delcie's telling us she wants to go to bed earlier.  Tonight, she is already asleep and it's only 8pm.  I guess that's what normal babies do?

Guess that puts a stop to our late-night partying.


  1. Sooooo cute! Love her baby legs, they are just adorable!

  2. Grace, she is simply gorgeous! Don't you wish you could just stop time?