Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I think I have emetophobia.  I may be a hypochondriac.  My husband tells me I am.  But, I do believe I have a little bit of OCD, which emetophobia is closely related to.

I have read it has to do with wanting to control your environment.  Yep, I think I do that.

Anyway, it's a fear of vomit.  I'm not afraid of myself vomiting, but of my husband or girls.  I was so sick with morning sickness, if I ever had the fear for myself, I'm long over it.

But, I fear seeing my children in the pain that comes with the tummy bug.  It's a day or so of just feeling awful.

Camdyn was sick on Sunday.  She only threw up twice, but laid around all day, obviously feeling really bad.  I did what I could to make her comfortable.  I sprayed everything, toys, door handles, light switches... with sanitizing spray.  Then, I sprayed them again with Lysol, twice.

I have researched stomach flu to death.  I know the exposure - sickness times.  I know the contagious period.  I know what to do regarding fluids and foods.

So, today it's 3 days past our exposure.  We may have escaped everyone being sick this time, but I don't want to believe it, yet, and jinx us.

(We did have some carrots for dinner, that's the first non-white food we've eaten all week.)

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  1. Acidophilus! I take it year 'round, and Q takes his daily. Gotta keep that good bacteria in the gut, we've avoided the stomach bug for a long time!