Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gardening on February 17

It was warm today. At least 70*. See?

That says 70*.  And, that's around 4:30, a little after the warmest part of the day.

I decided it was too nice for the girls to have to nap.  We spent a lot of time outside instead.

We trimmed up the wine barrel planters.  One had parsley in it and it's got a little bit growing at the base of the plant.  We trimmed up the dead leaves and are excited to see what happens to it.  We planted the rest of the planter with swiss chard.

The other two have mint in them, one peppermint and one spearmint.  We trimmed them up, the peppermint is already growing new leaves.

We love peas.  We love to pick them right off the plant and eat them.  Since we garden organically with no chemicals, we can do that.  So, of course, the second thing we planted this year was peas.  We did 2 rows of sugar snaps and a square with four rows of regular shelling peas.

Here are the two rows of sugar snaps.

You can see the rows/square a little bit here.  I couldn't get too good of an angle, I was super close to the compost pile which was swarming with bees.  The square is on the left, the rows on the right.

The girls were big helpers.

Yep, she took a bath as soon as she got back inside.

I think she was busy looking for eggshells to crush.

I love laundry on the line...

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