Thursday, March 11, 2010

Charlie Brumley

Today was spent with my family.  My great uncle, Charlie Brumley, passed away last Friday.  Today was his funeral.  I'm not sure if you can view this, I had to register, but it was free.  Here's his obituary...

Charlie's Obituary

I think it's interesting that he was influential in the creation of the chicken dog, whatever that is???

I didn't get to know him until he married my aunt 17 years ago.  Apparently, though, my family has known him for years, since I was two.  That was a long time ago.

He was a fun guy, always talked your ear off.  Always cheerful.  He owned a used furniture store in our small town, but I'm not sure if he ever sold anything.  Just sat in it, smoked and talked to people as they stopped in for a while.  I know he never had anything in there I wanted to buy, just broken washing machines, black and white tv's and 8-track players.

It was nice seeing all my family.  We don't get together too often, not even at Christmas, anymore.  My cousins have little girls my girls' ages, they had a blast playing together.  Good to know that they get along, since I'm sure they'll play together often now that we live close again.

Funerals aren't good times, it's hard to lose someone you love.  But, I appreciate the catching up time with family.


  1. So sorry about your loss! I know what you mean about seeing family, though. Just wish a funeral wasn't what it took.

  2. This store is where our piano came from,Grace.