Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Our Monday playdate

My friend works every weekday except every other Monday.  So, we've been spending those lunches with her.

Lunch.  Believe it or not, she had chicken nuggets.  What's all over her face is sweet and sour sauce, she liked it so much she picked up the pack and drank it.
We're lucky to always be at the mall with someone who carries cash so the girls can have a horsey ride.  (I never have any cash.)

That's not a band-aid on Averie, it's a sticker.  Yes, all 3 girls spent the day running around with stickers stuck to their face, their hair, their shirts...

This is Averie's favorite toy.  She loves to turn the steering wheel.  Unfortunately, she has to share it.  She usually gets tired of it and moves to another before another child wants it.  But, sometimes, kids don't share our view on "sharing".  This little boy would run up to her and yell "NO" all the time.  Not just on this toy, either.  She would cry and cry :(

I think, though, in the future, we'll start earlier in the day and have lunch be our last thing, so we can go home and get naps.  We had an awful evening, the girls were so grumpy.

Today, we made mini cupcakes for St. Patrick's Day.  (Yes, we're Irish.)

They have just the right amount of cake for the yummy frosting!

And, I got a new do...

Like it?


  1. Punky kids like that should be punched in the face! Okay, maybe not so violently, but geez. Momma's need to teach their boys to be nice to girls. Amen.
    Love your new do, you rock bangs well.
    Thank you for the morning sickness advice, I've been taking a sublingual b complex, but it's not doing anything so I'm going to see if I can find what you suggested...I feel like poop.

  2. Very pretty! And the cupcakes look great! Perfect icing :)

  3. You look like MOM in this picture. Did you take these pictures with your iPhone?