Monday, March 22, 2010

A funny story about drums

Drum sticks, to be more clear.  I don't have a picture, but would like to tell you the story of my Sunday drumming.

Yes, I play the drums.  On Sunday.  At our church.  Usually.

I almost didn't this past Sunday.


I almost sort-of played them, but here's the story.

I have a stick bag.  It has two of my favorite pairs of sticks, hot rods, mallets, etc in it.  It usually stays in a closet at church, but it came home with us after we practiced this week because one of my snares needed adjusting and we needed sticks to test it.  The snare went back to church on Saturday, on the way to trade in Troy's car on my new van, and I thought the sticks did, too.  So, on Sunday as we were getting ready, I said, "My sticks are at church, right?"

Well, Troy wasn't sure about that.  So, we searched the house and found one of my sticks.  I still figured the rest were at church.

But, they weren't.

Not in the closet.

Not on the platform, or under it.


So, I found a big plastic ladle in the kitchen.  I figured I could use it on the snare and play the visible things with the stick.


Luckily, someone climbed into the attic and found another lone stick.  It was just in time - about 2 minutes before church started.


Then, where were my sticks?

In the trunk of Troy's car that he traded in on Saturday.  Picked them up today!

Moral of the story - Check the trunk when you trade in a car.

(Troy tells me I tell boring stories...)


  1. Lol! That is hilarious! I would like to see you play the drums with a big old ladle. Hahaha!

  2. Tell Troy that I say you tell stories well - otherwise, you wouldn't have a blog, right? And that story was great! I was just thinking the other day how much I enjoyed your blog. Most of the blogs I follow are more "technical" with big words and things I have to think about to read, but I always love seeing your new posts with their cheery stories and adorable pictures! Thanks so much for sharing with the world!