Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Paddy's Day Cake

I found an awesome cake on I Am Baker's web site and just had to try it myself.  So, Camdyn and Averie helped me mix up the layers yesterday.  It was similar to making a Smith Island Cake, baking individual layers.  I love how you get a good amount of icing for the cake, instead of a lot of cake and a little icing.

(I love icing.)

I tried fondant.  I really did.  I added almond flavoring to it and kneaded it.  I rolled it, Troy rolled it.  I put it on my cake and it was ribbony.  And, it tasted awful.  So, I threw it out.

Anyone want to give me fondant tips?

I make an awesome buttercream, though, so it tasted yummy.

Here it is...

And inside...


And, here is my nephew, Connor, debuting on my blog and enjoying his icing.

We also had our corned beef and cabbage tonight instead of last night because so many of my family go to church on Wednesday nights.  We have some left and I would like to make something with it.  Creamed chip beef on toast.  Corned beef hash.  ???


  1. Mmm, buttercream, my favorite! I have never tasted a good fondant, though people say it exists!

  2. Way to go!! You did such a fantastic job... I am really impressed!! Love the pics of those cuties eating it too!!