Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I can see my pictures!

Thank you for the suggestions.  I removed my Nikon programs and reloaded them - from the internet, and now, I can view my pictures!  There seems to have been a glitch with the CD that came with my camera and Macs, they fixed it early this year.  Yippee!  So, I'll show you some of what we have done recently, and maybe do a little backtracking later.
With all my laying around from morning sickness, I've been working on improving my knitting.  I made quite a few dishcloths and hats, then progressed to these:
They should be made of wool, but I used a blend.  So, I can't really call these "soakers", but that's what they are.  They used to be used as baby diapers, then they became more used as cloth diaper covers.  I don't use cloth, (Troy would never be able to clean one of them), but I am excited to use these and babylegs with onesies for our new baby.  Yes, they're pretty gender neutral, since we don't know what the baby is.  I say, "her", because I think it's a girl.  But, we won't know until birthday.

We also have some seeds sprouting.  Our kale is the biggest, so big, actually that it's bending over.  Maybe it got too tall and leggy before we set up the growlights, but they need thinned anyway, so I'll just thin the tallest ones.
We have a few other things sprouting, mostly flowers.  I bought a lot of different flowers and veggies to grow on our 10 acres, so even though we don't have that anymore, we will still grow them.  And, maybe grow enough for the farmer's market here?
Here are our tiny thyme seeds, aren't they cute?  (Yes, I am having trouble with focusing still.  I'm a slow learner...)
Camdyn wanted a picture of her :)
And, here's my seller's cabinet I found at a garage sale and have been waiting to have a place to use.

Here is my african violet.  I love them, they're so pretty.

We've gotten some things done this week that we were putting off.  Like, opening new bank accounts.  Always such a pain.  And, starting the process of looking for a van!  These warm sunny days really inspire us to be productive.  Did I mention it was over 70 degrees today?


  1. 70 degrees? Lucky! I love the diaper covers. Make more to sell, you are really good. I just love the hat you made Bella. I am jealous of your garden. I kill everything :(

  2. Yay for pics! I love, love, love your sellers cabinet! That is so cool! Enjoy the beautiful weather, it's been nice here as well, although a touch windy. Love African violets, except I always kill mine. I might be a Flower, but I'm no green thumb. ;)

  3. Love it all! Although my favorite picture is the one of Camdyn. :)

    You've sure got a lot on your plate. I hope things settle down!!

  4. I love your violet also, I have several different ones, but not one quite like yours, it is more of a light blue while mine is darker blue, or white, or pink. That is neat that you grow your own seeds as well - do you have your own grow lights? I grew many plants from seed last year using the grow lights in the biology lab, it was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it.