Thursday, November 5, 2009

Day 9

No, I didn't skip day 8, but it was simply "encourage your husband".  That's what I've been trying to do all along.  Thank him for being faithful.  Okay, so that's a big thing, I'm SO thankful that he's faithful to me.  It's something that I don't even worry about, I trust him so much.

Day 9:  "Be swift to hear, slow to speak . . ." (James 1:19b)
Yesterday wasn't the day for this one, or maybe it was the perfect day for it.  Anyway, I didn't do too well, but I think the things I said were things I needed to say.  He's been a pastor for years now.  For some reason, people who go to church seem to think that they "own" their pastor.  Why?  Because they give money to the church?  Well, some of them do, some don't, but that's beside the point.  You give your money to the Starbucks barista, do you "own" her?  You give your money to Apple when you buy off of I-Tunes, do you "own" them?  So, why do you seem to think you "own" your pastor?  He works for God, not you, he'll answer to God, not you.  That's what a TON of people in churches today need to learn.  That's something along the lines of what we were dealing with yesterday, and I, fed up with the pain he's been in for so long, said some things that I don't think he expected to hear from me.  I hope they were things he needed to hear, things to encourage him.  I hope...

I'm so proud of my husband.  Yes, he'll answer to God for the way he's serving Him, and I believe he'll have a mountain of jewels to lay at Jesus' feet.

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