Friday, November 13, 2009

Our Mini-Vacation

Earlier this week, we left the girlies with grandpa and grandma and headed off to Schaumburg, just me and Troy.  He did some work and some relaxing, and I did some shopping.  We've been living so far from easily accessable shopping for a year now, and it was so nice to be 2 minutes from Target again!  I hit the Container Store, Marshalls, Old Navy, Woodfield Mall, and many, many more places.  I managed to control my spending, only getting the girls one set of matching dresses, a coat for Aves, a scrapbook for Camdyn, and these...

Pretty boots :-)

Here's where Troy used to spend 8 hours a day...

What a nice break it was, but it was so good to get back to my babies!

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