Monday, November 16, 2009

I could have been grilling...

Want to see my new toy?

Yes, I have a new stove.  We went to Michigan last month to pick it up.  3 hours each way.  But, it was worth it.  Troy plugged it in a couple of weeks ago while trying to figure out which knobs to buy for it.  He never unplugged it, since it's gas and we figured, why walk over to the outlet.  Until, yesterday, he was showing our friends the stove and they wondered why the grill was hot?  Duh, it's electric.  One of the kids had brushed by the knob and turned it on.  So, I could have been using it for sandwiches all along, lol!  We're so clueless.

Last week, Troy had to take a little trip to pick his grandpa up from the airport.  He took Cam with him, and I let her take the camera.  Here's what my budding photog came up with...

She doesn't know she's getting her very own camera from Santa...Shhh!

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