Friday, August 20, 2010

Camdyn Turns 4!

I'm skipping around with our summer.  Camdyn's birthday came after our vacation, but it has way fewer pictures than our vacation for me to "edit", (I'm not good at editing), so we're going with the birthday first.

I'm not doing well with the humidity and heat this summer, it makes it hard for me to breathe.  But, we wanted to do something special for our first little girl's birthday.  We have a great zoo in town with a cool new castle playground attached, so we decided to take her there.  My sister and her boys joined us, and my mother.
Here are the cousins enjoying their wagon ride.

This owl was at the zoo because he was hit by a car.  There was a mouse or some sort of rodent eating a banana peel on the side of the road.  He swooped down to catch the rodent and got hit.

Looking at the pink flamingos.

Aves enjoyed running away down the hills.

After the zoo, we went to her favorite "restaurant" ... McDonalds.  Yummy!

That night, we had dinner and gifts just with our family.  (We did the rest of the family party on Sunday when everyone could make it.)

Daddy got her tons of princess stuff.

Grandpa and Grandma got her a fishing pole.  We haven't put a hook on it, yet.

Soon, I'll add the pictures from her big party...

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