Saturday, August 21, 2010

What a day

After a sleepless night, (I believe I got about 3 hours of sleep), we packed up and headed to church for Cam to register and do her skill test for Upward soccer.  Troy was there to help with registration, and it was way too humid for me to stay, so we left and went to the mall right down the street to do some shopping.

Here's Camdyn running.  (She did really great, kicked the ball all the way through the cones, but I couldn't get a pic of that - all I had was my phone.)

So, we piled into the van and headed out.  As I was driving through the parking lot, I noticed a flash of blue sneaking behind our dumpster and shed.  I tried to see who it was as I drove past but I couldn't.  I didn't think anything of it, because, being in our climate and so close to the beach, there are often homeless people hanging out somewhere on our land.

We went to Marshalls, because I was in the mood for sneakers.  But, didn't find any.  I did find some great towels, a candle and a container for sugars for our church coffee ministry.  We spent almost an hour there, then decided it was time to head back to see if Daddy was ready to come home.  As we were standing in line, we started hearing a chopper right overhead.  Some people in line said it was the trauma chopper, that they land in our church's field and meet the ambulance there.

We paid and headed out to the van.  Which was quite a walk, because we had arrived right when the store opened, we couldn't get a close spot so I had to park at the far side of the lot...near the bank.  Yep, the 9 month pregnant lady with 2 little girls.  What a sight we were, I'm sure.

The chopper kept flying over us, and as I drove back to church, I thought it was odd that a Maryland State Trooper chopper was the trauma chopper.  I said so when I talked to Troy, and he said they had already talked to the emergency team about landing in our field, (since there were children kicking soccer balls all over it.)


Come to find out, a few minutes later, the bank I had parked right in front of was robbed, and the robber was sneaking around our church trying to escape.  If only I had paid more attention to the flash of blue that I saw, he might have been caught.

In other news, I am 4 hours, 10 minutes from my due date and still no baby...

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