Wednesday, August 11, 2010

One more set of maternity pictures

I know a bunch of my readers come over from infertility blogs, and I know it's not easy to read about other people's pregnancies when you're going through infertility.  I know it's not easy to read about them even if you have succeeded in becoming pregnant or adopting.  So, I try to make sure you can tell from my title if there will be something to avoid in my post of not.
Just an FYI, over the next couple of weeks, you will probably see quite a few to avoid...

We experimented with the self-timer on my camera yesterday and got some pics of Troy and I with the new, unborn baby.

Camdyn really wanted to be in one of the pictures,

I think I may need to make my white stronger in my editing.

Super fast posing = funny arm placement

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  1. I think they came out great, especially from using a timer! And I LOVE your dress!! You look so pretty. Can't wait to see the new baby :)